About Anuroop Wiwaha - Marathi Matrimonial Site

Our CEO, Dr. Gauri Kanitkar

Anjali Kanitkar who established Marathi matrimony sites in Pune and Mumbai

Anuroop Wiwaha Sanstha was established by Mrs Anjali Kanitkar in 1975 and has, since its inception, worked hard in the field of match-making with a passion and personal touch. Mrs Gauri Kanitkar, daughter of the famous Vasantrao 'Khauwale' Patankar, too, got associated with Anuroop and started working alongside her mother-in-law after being married into the family in 1981. With nearly 4 decades under its belt, Anuroop has lived up to its name which means 'ideal'. With more than 90,000 successful marriages to show, it is fair to say that after heaven, the best place where marriages are made is Anuroop. If you don't believe us, ask those 90,000 candidates who completely agree with us.

Here, we offer you a number of services and help which is essential for you to choose your life partner. Anuroop conducts more than 100 events throughout the year, which include the melavas, group sessions, workshops and seminars. These seminars include pre-marital counselling for parents and the candidates (prospective brides and grooms), talk shows regarding the problems and issues that are common with marriage, lectures by experts regarding horoscope etc.

Dr. Gauri Kanitkar initially began looking after the accounts at Anuroop and worked full-time at a nationalised bank for over 20 years. Gradually, she began to take charge of the operations at Anuroop and focused fully on it after opting for a voluntary retirement from her service in 2000. Under her Leadership, Anuroop has expanded with several branches in Maharashtra and a couple of them outside the state too. She has also worked as a family counsellor at Muktangan De-addiction Centre and is certified in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy of IPH, Thane and performs pre-post marital counselling courses.

She finished her PhD in 2019. Her thesis was based on 'the changes that took place in the marriage system over the period of last hundred years and its depiction in Marathi theater plays'.

Actively engaging with youth, Dr. Kanitkar has networked with prospective brides and grooms, young married couples, parents of prospective brides and grooms and has made it her mission to simplify the process of finding the right match with help of her counselling.

Mr.Ameya Kanitkar

Ameya Kanitkar looking after the security of Anuroop Wiwaha website's security

And now, with exponential growth in Anuroop's branches, the family's third generation has set foot in the business, with Ameya Kanitkar, elder son of Gauri Kanitkar, looks after the Technical Department in Anuroop. He possesses Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA, USA. Ameya Kanitkar has been instrumental in launching the Anuroop Wiwaha Website and services for all to access online.Apart from helping set up anuroopwiwaha.com he looks after the website coordination and website security, which makes the candidate, feel safe and secure while searching for their “Anuroop” companion.

Mr.Tanmay Kanitkar

Tanmay Kanitkar looking after daily office operations

Tanmay Kanitkar, youngest son of Gauri, has also joined the organisation in full capacity and is involved in bringing in a new perspective and is willing to take tradition and technology forward hand-in-hand. Being a good leader and an accomplished orator has helped him conduct many successful Anuroop events in India and abroad. His primary focus is on improving the quality of service and introducing new features and services. With all these responsibilities he also takes care of daily office operations and is involved in Branch management and marketing.

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